Destination Big Chip

Golden Fawn Lodge, Treeland Resorts, Old Arrow Resort, KC's Cabin, Hay Creek Cabin, Johnson's Resort, Indian Trail Resort, The Landing, all have cabins for rent on the Chippewa Flowage. The fall colors are extraordinary, the musky fishing, the walleye fishing, and bass fishing has been great! Even when fishing has been great it’s a good idea to hire a fishing guide. Here is a list of Big Chip guides; Deano's Guide Service, Jim Leahy Guide Service, Bergman’s Guide Service, Big Chip Guide Service, Chuck Roehl Guide Service, Dan Palmer Guide Service, Hayward Guide Service, John Myhres Wisc. Northland Outdoors Guide Service, Pete Rich Guide Service, Tom Leahy's Guide Service,

Sisko's Pine Point Resort, Chippewa Flowage Lake Homes, O'Rourke's on Moore's Bay, Deerfoot Lodge & Resort, Big Musky Resort, Chip-Wa Motel, Chippewa Pines Resort, Musky Joes Twin Pines Resort, offer cabins on the Chippewa Flowage for rent in Wisconsin.

Walk out from your cabin at O'Rourke's on Moore's Bay, Oak Shores, Musky Joes Twin Pines Resort, Shady Nook Resort, Treeland Farm RV Park, Golden View Resort, Big Musky Resort, Mystic Moose, in the morning when the sunlight hits the water. Your family vacation at Deerfoot Lodge & Resort, Golden Fawn Lodge, Dun Rovin Resort, Chief Lake Lodge, The Landing, Big Musky Resort, Indian Trail Resort, Tiger Musky Resort, will be a memorable one.

Enjoy the warmth of your cozy cabin at Sisko's Pine Point Resort, Musky Tale Resort & RV Park, Hay Creek Cabin, Treeland Farm RV Park, Johnson's Resort, Chip-Wa Motel, R & R Bayview Resort & Restaurant, Indian Trail Resort, . Immerse yourself in the Chippewa Flowage area while staying at Sisko's Pine Point Resort, Deerfoot Lodge & Resort, Daggett's Resort & Campground, KC's Cabin, Chippewa Flowage Lake Homes, Oak Shores, Big Musky Resort, The Landing, or while vacationing in Wisconsin’s pristine wilderness at Old Arrow Resort, Chief Lake Lodge, Timber Kove – Treeland Resorts, Johnson's Resort, Hay Creek Cabin, Daggett's Resort & Campground, Skillys Big Chip Lodge, Chippewa Shores, on the Big Chip “Chippewa Flowage”.